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Monday, March 28, 2011

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 - Fort Lauderdale to Houston to HOME!

We are pink #3 so have plenty of time to have a last breakfast of Eggs Benedict before our tag is called right on schedule about 9:15AM. It takes 30 minutes from time we are called to get off, get the luggage, get through customs, meet our private car and get to the airport.....very smooth.

We wait the hour or so in the first class lounge and visit with another passenger and his wife, from Houston, who were on for the last segment. It was their first Regent cruise. They were in one of the high end suites and were not at all impressed. They have been on Crystal for all their other cruises and will be going back to them. They had many of the same complaints we have and then some. Interesting!

The flight is packed and they beg people to get settled so we won’t miss our taxi time and be held up. We finally pull away about 5 minutes late, but fortunately get in line for take off. The flight is rough, but lands on time. Our driver and friend is waiting in the baggage area for us. We get our luggage, in the first dozen pieces on the belt, and drive home. The azaleas are in full bloom and the yard is at its springtime best! It is.....Good to be home!


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