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Thursday, March 17, 2011

TUESDAY, MARCH 15 - The Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean

At 4AM we crossed the Equator for the last time and are now officially back in the Northern Hemisphere to stay. The mouth of the Amazon is north of the Equator, but most of the river is south of it. Dick was up in time to see the last of the land disappear about 8AM,
We are now in the part where the river is too wide to see land on either side.
We will cross the sand bar from 11AM to 1PM with 9 to 15 feet of water beneath the ship.

Carolyn is up at her usual time and we go to breakfast and then on to Terry’s lecture on our next stop, Isle Royal, for a look at Devil’s Island (Isle du Diable) and Isle Saint Joseph. As usual, her lecture is very informative and very detailed as to how to explore the island on our own. These are three little historic dots of land about 7 miles off the coast of the French territory of French Guiana with a very sad history  Of course, all the signs are in French. It sounds like it will be very interesting.

Back in the room Dick works on the pictures and blog, We are really having a hard time staying up to date right now. Carolyn packs one suitcase with all the winter things we brought that we really didn’t use and gets all the souvenirs sorted, listed and packed for travel. With eight pieces of luggage, we can’t wait until the last minute. Luggage Free is on board now passing out the tags for the five pieces they will ship for us.

The ship is having a white elephant sale to benefit the Crew Welfare Fund tomorrow so we donate the bottle of Pisco, we bought in Peru and never drank, to the cause. We still have several bottles to take home and enjoy.

We have lunch in the dinning room. They have fried calamari and do it very well. While we are eating the Captain announces we have crossed the sand bar and are in the Atlantic Ocean.
Looking out the window we see that the water has lost a lot of the muddy look and is getting some blue in its color. When we finish, Carolyn goes to the talk on Barbados. We have signed up for a 4x4 island tour instead of one of the bus tours. Dick plays his game on the computer and goes to Trivia, they win! By late afternoon the water is the pretty blue we love.
Friends invited us to join then for dinner so we meet them in the Mariner Lounge and the husband is able to get a table for us in Prime 7. We have a great dinner and pleasant evening.

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