Penguin Island, Antarctica 2008

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today is a lazy sea day. We have really not had too many on this cruise. We have a good breakfast and head to Terry’s lecture on the Amazon. After the lecture Carolyn gets Terry to sign our copy of her book on Antarctica that the ship gave everyone on that segment.

The rest of the day slides by. We work on the pictures from Fortaleza and get the blog up to date. At about 2PM the Captain blows the ships horn several times as we cross the equator.
Jack is bummed because there is no yellow line like he saw in Quito! Dick goes to Trivia, but the team only manages second today so no three day winning streak!

There is another King Neptune Ceremony at 5:15PM at the pool. Carolyn goes to see who is new to Equator crossing. There are only three crew that haven’t kissed the fish.
There is a special event for the full circle people at 6PM...turns out to be a crew show...the crew are very talented and the show is a nice 30 minutes and then a few words from the Captain. It was a nice effort, but a little too late in the cruise...this did not cost Regent an extra cent! They should have had a show of some sort in each segment for the full circle people. Ray is such a good singer, we all enjoy him. He and the other entertainers could have put together a short cocktail hour event with some dancing for the passengers on each leg and made the trip much more special for those of us paying the fare to spend 71 days on this ship.

We go to dinner...tonight is another one of the bad menu nights (there are about three in the 2 week cycle). We just have Caesar salad with steak for Carolyn and salmon for Dick with mashed potatoes. We skip dessert tonight as the service is really slow, get our carafe from the room (we pinched one from room service a while back) and go get some hot tea and cookies from the coffee bar. It takes too long to get things like this from room service, just easier to do it ourselves.

During the night will enter the fan of brown water coming from the Amazon River and we will not see blue water again for a week.

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