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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SUNDAY, MARCH 6 - Sailing to Fortaleza, Brazil Day 1

Another sea day...wonderful...we love the relaxing days at sea. Since it is Sunday we go to the champagne, caviar and eggs Benedict breakfast. Boy! are we going to miss this on Sunday.... all too soon. 

We will dock early this evening and then spend the night in Fortaleza. It is another busy day. We go to the talk by the astronomer, Dr. Norman Calsse, and Carolyn stays for the cooking demonstration by the Signatures Chef, Marcel. He is fixing jumbo shrimp and avocado cream (we had this last night, very good) and Chilean sea bass with savory cabbage. Even though this didn’t sound that good, the dish looks and smells wonderful.
After another fix of fruit soup and fish and of our favorite lunches, we work on getting the blog up to date. Dick goes to Trivia and Carolyn reads. At 5:15 we go to Ray's nice church service..he really is a jack of all trades!
We stay in the Horizen Lounge for our evening convenient is that set up!

About 6PM we arrive at Fortaleza and are docked by 7PM.
Terry again talks about the area during the sail in. Tonight is the Carnival Pool BBQ under the Stars and Local Folkloric Show. With the exception Compass Rose, all the dinner venues are closed tonight due to the BBQ. We check out the preparations and decide that the offerings looks good so we get a table. The breeze is blowing, so in spite of being near the equator it is very pleasant on the open deck. The meal is good; lots of salads and different meats cooked on the grill plus shrimp and crab claws. There are the usual desserts plus crepes made to order.

After dinner a local group, Folkloric group puts on a nice dance show.
Well fed and well entertained, we head to bed. There was talk of some of the crew and passengers going ashore to enjoy Carnival which is in full swing on the beach in town. Not us!

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