Penguin Island, Antarctica 2008

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We had a time change last night and have an extra hour of sleep this morning. It was welcome since we wore ourselves out yesterday exploring the island. We have a big breakfast this morning...Eggs Benedict...reality will set in soon enough! The schedule of events is full of interesting things so we have a busy day ahead. Dick goes to listen to Ambassador Hart’s lecture on "Obama’s Foreign Policy" or, as he says, the lack there of. Then he goes to Trivia. It is early today because they are having an Irish County Fair this afternoon. At 11AM Carolyn joins him for Terry’s Lecture.
There is an Irish lunch on deck today and that apparels to Dick, but they have peach soup in the dinning room, one of Carolyn’s favorites, so she has soup and salad for lunch.

At 2:30PM, we check out the fair on deck 11. The crew have put a lot of work into this event and they and the passengers have a good time.
We have reservations for Dinner and a Show in Signatures tonight. This was very nice on the Antarctica segment; both the food and the entertainment. Tonight the food is OK, but not as good as the first menu. The entertainment is better! We have a good time then we head to the theater for the Varity Show. The three entertainers on this segment do short acts along with a singing segment from Ray. We didn’t go to any of the shows and we didn’t miss much if tonight was an example. However, it was worth going to see Ray insert his comedy between the acts and his singing.

There is also star gazing at 10:15PM which we go up to deck 12 aft for, but the clouds are literally rolling in as we get there! We give it a pass and head to bed...for a sea day it has been busy!.

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