Penguin Island, Antarctica 2008

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today is packing day...all 8 pieces. After breakfast Carolyn works on getting things sorted and packed. At 11AM we go to a special gathering of the full circle group; only the third one in the whole 71 days. They are serving Bloody Marys and doing a showing a special DVD, narrated by Ray, of the full cruise. It is nicely done and we will each get a copy tonight in our cabin. The Captain gives a little farewell speech as do several others.

We head to lunch and then go back to the room to finish packing....what a pain! Dick goes to Dr. Hart's last lecture on Mysteries of the Universe at 3PM and then to trivia at 4:30PM, but no win this last time. We go to the award redemption afterwards and get a Regent visor and baseball cap with Dick’s 10 rewards.

Back in the room we change for dinner and go to the early Platters Show. It is good and one of the numbers has us dancing in the aisle. Then we go for one last round of cocktails in Horizon Lounge and watch the sunset somewhere off the southern Florida coast.
In the dinning room Alex, one of our two favorite waiters, serves us our last dinner.

Back in the room we put the finishing touches on the luggage to be shipped and set it out. Carolyn goes to the movie and Dick goes to bed. After the movie Carolyn finishes up packing the small suitcases we will carry off and dies.

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