Penguin Island, Antarctica 2008

Monday, March 28, 2011


Another Eggs Benedict morning!  By the way, we think this is morning 69 and finally one of the two or three waiters we have had every morning of this cruise is remembering that Dick likes coffee and Carolyn likes mint tea in the morning. This is a small thing, but if the waiters on HAL and Princess ships can pick up on this after a week, you would think luxury line waiters could do at least as well!

Terry does her last lecture this morning on the Mysteries of the Americas. It is very interesting and she tells us about what is known about how the first people arrived in the Americas and some of the mysteries of writing found on rocks in South America.  The writing is Celtic!

The rest of the morning slides by as the flower vases are put on the floor due to the movement of the ship. Dick plays on the computer and collects the leftover money from our on-board credit of about $700 from reception. The on-board credit was a good deal since we had already taken out $800 for miscellaneous cash needs and some earrings Carolyn bought in Lima. The credit also paid for all our extra cost tours and all the laundry and dry cleaning for the 71 days. (That was a very expensive charge on this ship!)

Carolyn goes to the head chef’s cooking class at 11AM.. He is preparing five dishes from around South America. Several of them sound good and we may try them when we get home.
During the demonstration the ship makes a very sharp turn and some of the oil slops out of the chefs frying pan and smokes up the area, but we hear nothing from the PA.

About 1PM, Carolyn goes to lunch for the cold fruit soup for lunch, then she spends some time reading on the veranda and watching the birds play.
By this time the turn and change in the ship’s course is showing on the TV map.
The Captain comes over the PA and tells us we are heading to Grand Turk to drop a sick passenger off. We will be there about 5:30PM.

Carolyn begins packing while Dick goes to trivia and comes back with a win. By 5PM we can see islands on the horizon so we go up to the Observation lounge for a drink and to watch the action. We round the north end of Grand Turk and head back down the west side of the island toward a small dock. We watch as a small dive boat comes out and the ship’s crew sets up the the tender platform. A couple is taken off to the dive boat where a nurse/doctor greets the man who has a large bandage on his arm but is walking on his own.
The dive boat takes off toward shore

and in 10 minutes we are heading back to the top of the island and out to sea.

It is 6PM now and people are heading to the Captain’s Farewell Party and the Krew Kapers. We have reservations at Prime 7 at 6:30PM. We have not found the Captain’s parties all that is hard to get a drink or a bite to eat due to the crowd and the seating in the lounges is so much nicer. We skip this one, like we have several others, and go on to dinner at Prime 7. As usual the food is great, but the servings are huge and we leave a lot of food on our plate

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