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Thursday, March 3, 2011

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 - Buzios, Brazil

We sail north around Rio during the night and wake up in the resort town of Buzios, north of Rio. It supposedly has 23 beautiful beaches on the five mile peninsula. We are scheduled for another schooner ride and beach swim this morning so we have a light breakfast and are in the Compass Rose when it opens. We find out that, unlike the schooner tour in Parati, we will have to go ashore in the tender to meet the tour and then will be dropped off at the end on shore again. That means we will have to lug our gear in and out of the tender twice and have to waste time getting a tender back to the ship to drop our gear before catching yet another tender to go into town. Well, it is very overcast this morning and the water is choppy. All that in and out up and down just doesn’t seem worth it so we turn the tickets back in and skip the whole tour part. This is just fine with Dick because he is not really a beach person. Caroloyn is but her knees are rebelling at all the stairs and ladders so it is OK.

We leave our swim wear on, in case we get the chance to swim and wait about 20 minutes for the tour tenders to leave and then head to town on the first open tender.
Buzios was made famous in the 1960's by Brigitte Bardot. It was her favorite hide away. It is very popular with the people of Brazil and the jet set. There are many beautiful homes up in the hills above the town
The town is to the right and is full of little clothing shops, cafés and bars.
Never have people spent so much for 6 square inches of two pieces of cloth that is called a bathing suit and then paid a fortune for a fancy top to use as a cover up!

Any way, we get to town and walk a little ways to the left to the statue of Brigitte Bardot and play tourist and get some pictures.
We have to wait our turn. Parts of the statue stays polished from all the tourist rubbing on it.
There is also some art work out in the water of three fishermenn pulling their boats in. The men are on a sand bar when the tide is out, but it was in when we are there.
Then we walk back into town
and look for a pin. Jack is out of luck today, but Carolyn finds a couple of things in one of the few shops in town with A/C. There are two other ships in town with us today and the little village is very crowded! It isn’t as nice as the other two places we have been. It is very touristy...nothing really special at all about the town. Plus, it is terribly hot and humid and looks like it could rain at any minute! I am sure the water and beaches away from the town are nice...from what we can see of them, they look pretty. There are water taxis that will take you there and back for less than $6, but that is not really appealing to us since it isn’t sunny.
We finish our shopping and catch the tender back to the ship.
Back on board, since this is the last beach day for a while and we have some really stinky damp things from the last three days, Dick snags a washer and we do two loads and get all the beach wear cleaned up and hanging around the room to hopefully dry out some time soon!

After lunch Carolyn goes to the afternoon movie and Dick works on the blog. We are so far behind. At 4:30PM he goes to Trivia and their team doesn’t win. But, several players went on the morning schooner tour and said we made a good call in not going. It seems the ship had two schooners and had 130 on one and 30 on the other. They said that by the time you got into the water and swam close enough to shore to see something they were calling you back to the schooner. Sounds like we didn’t miss anything!

It is the farewell party tonight for this segment and there are a couple of good dishes on the menu too. Carolyn falls asleep while reading so we miss the farewell party but get to dinner about 7:15PM. It is one of the really good menus, Charlotte of crab meat, avocado and mango, creamy seafood bisque and Chateaubriand...hmmmm good!

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